Muestra Internacional de cine de Palencia 2013

Generally speaking, this year’s shorts were mixed in quality. Some of them were smart exceptions to the rule but many of them were good but not especially fresh. Nevertheless, it is awesome to have the possibility to be at a short film festival in Spain, keeping in mind the lack of popularity of this format and the economic crisis, chasing down all cultural events around the country.

This is a summary of the best short films I saw during the last Palencia International Film Festival.

  1. In my opinion, the best short film being shown this year. Original sci-fi story with underlying criticism against emigration laws.
  1. Great creative design and environmentally critical script for this delicious piece of animation:

  1. Is it necessary to be devoted to a good cause? Are aid workers and N.G.O.s really committed to their chosen causes? Funny dialogues and brilliant performances in this reflection about social and personal commitment.

  1. This is an example of one idea turned into carefully designed images. Shouldn’t it be the ideal of a short film?

  1. 5.      In contrast to the previous one, in the following works the film language is not so daring, although ‘Koala’ mimics a documentary. Both are about people soldiering on to live in an aggressive, hypocritical, and stressing society. The scripts and the performances are so good that it is worthy to see both of them.

  1. ‘Mr. Bear’ is good because everybody has felt abused and underestimated at some point. This is exploited to orchestrate a funny violent black comedy.