Palencia Film Festival

There are many film festivals to talk about but we have been faithful to Palencia’s main film event for some time now. The Muestra Internacional de Cine de Palencia (MICP) has celebrated its 24th birthday this year and offered to its visitors interesting retrospectives, activities that brought together cinema and music, exhibitions and, of course, its national and international short film competition.

This year’s edition paid homage in the opening session to the Kimuak short film program, funded by the Basque Regional Government, which for the past 18 years has contributed to create and distribute short films from promising young directors.

“Cinema and Science fiction: alien life as a possibility” and “César Muñoz Arconada” were this year’s retrospectives. Arconada was a member of the Generación del 27 literary movement and went into exile after the Spanish Civil War, falling into oblivion for a long time due to his left-winged political ideas. He was a passionate advocate of cinema and this selection of films from the 20s aims to illustrate his love for films.

Regarding music and cinema, film goers were able to enjoy four from the seven films that compose make up The Blues, a documentary film series produced by Martin Scorsese. Screenings took place mostly at the Ortega Theater but also at other venues, like in the case of these documentaries, at the Universonoro, a culturally active club in town.

Our previous post was devoted to Óscar Fernández Orengo and his beautiful photographs from famous Spanish film directors, so we just mention this exhibition in these lines. Similarly, we just fly over Vino&dendé, a section within the festival supported by different institutions from Brazil, Portugal and Spain that intends to build a network among artists from different areas and cultural agents, in order to help job opportunities come up. Thanks to this initiative, several films from Brazil landed and were shown in Palencia, as a sample of Brazilian contemporary cinema.

To finish this compact summary of the MICP, we list a selection from the short film competition that powerfully caught our eye:

  • Complete film online:

Os Meninos do Río– Javier Macipe

  • Trailers:

L’homme de l’île Sandwich:

Los Cárpatos:

Bendito Machine V- Pull the Trigger:


El Corredor:

Todo un Futuro Juntos:

The Snatcher:


Beside the ones mentioned above, we found these other short films were particularly interesting:

The Mass of Men:


Un Uccello Molto Serio:

Foley Artist:

Café para llevar:

The World:





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